Palauan Fellowship In NorCal

by: Isobel Kinsang

On May 23 – 29, 2016, the Palauan fellowship group in Sacramento, California led by Charito Ngircheungel, Oscar Henry, and Mason Soaladaob hosted a week of what was called “California Worship Concert @ Sacramento” with the mission “EPIC” described as: Evangelize, Pray, Invite, & Connect.

Featuring Guest Speakers were: Pastor Hiob Ngirachemoi from Koror Evangelical Church, Pastor Bill Schuit, Director of Liebenzell Mission USA, and Pastor Jeff Anderson from University Baptist Church in Anchorage, Alaska. Special worship music and concert were presented by the following members of the Koror Evangelical Church Praise & Worship Team: Malo Paulus, Pamela Anastacio, Arlene Alexander, Shamira Ldesel, Kmes Tabelual, & Seth Paulus. This worship event brought many of the Palauan brothers and sisters from as far as the Island of Palau, the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Texas, and the outskirt cities of California. Our little family of three: Teno, Ilana, and I (Isobel) representing MOMUSA church along with our SoCal families, Dora Fleming, Eddie Timarong, Erbai Temol, & Telbang Teliu are very blessed and glad that we were able to participate at this event as well.

This entire week of worship, fellowship, singing, sharing of testimonies, and digging into The Word of God was spectacular and very impactful as we witnessed God’s blessings of explosive spiritual growth and revival upon the lives of many individuals who shared about how God has been doing marvelous works within their lives since 11 years ago when this fellowship group first started. To God be the glory!

Pastor Hiob and his team of guest speakers unpacked many of the invaluable lessons and dynamic sermons throughout the entire week, sharing on sub topics under the main theme A Purposeful Life. A challenge was addressed by Pastor Jeff during his sharing on Thursday night stated “God has given us chances to live out our lives; how have we lived out our lives for Him?”. Application was given with these 4 categories: Life (Gen. 1:27-28, Act 17:27, James 1:18), Time (Psalm 90:12, Proverbs 24:30-34), Talent (Matthew 25:14-30), Possession (Matthew 6:19-21, Colossians 3:1-2). On Friday night, Pastor Jeff also shared on the topic of “Be Like Esau”, the healing of an open wound (Genesis chapter 33). Regardless of what Jacob did to Esau nearly 20 years passed, the encounter between these two brothers in Genesis chapter 33 appears to be a friendly reunion. “For to see your face is like seeing the face of God, now that you have received me favorably.” – Gen. 33:10b. Esau forgave his brother, Jacob. The challenge given in conclusion was precisely straight to the point as Pastor Jeff addressed the congregation to make that phone call right now, reaching out to their loved ones seeking reconciliation and to re-connect with them, to rebuild that broken relationship. Having the right and pure relationship with one another produces a strong relationship with God and that is what God desires of us.