2018 Easter Retreat, Romoland, California

The Theme was, "What If Christ Had Not Been Resurrected?" Speakers during the worship services were: Bert Nedelec (Good Friday), Surleigh Tara (Saturday) and Pastor Sato Suka (Easter Sunday). The Saturday Workshop was conducted by Suva Roby and Surleigh Tara.

Easter is a time of the year the MOMUSA Family undertake a three day weekend Church Retreat. For nearly 10 years, this retreat event has been taken place at the Romoland Full Gospel Prayer Mountain, a remote and very suitable location that is out away from the cities yet within two our driving distance from Los Angeles and San Diego. Like previous events, the weekend was a great and refreshing time spent in the Word, worship, hearing of powerful messages reflected on what Christ had to go through on our behalf. Quality time and fellowship among those that came was always enjoyable were the time to say goodbye was always hard.

Special thank you to our families that came from Arizona to celebrate Easter with us - the Martinez and Hellan families. We hope and look forward to see you again next year, God willing.